Score a Retirement Touchdown

Debt ceiling, wars overseas, stock market ups and downs…it’s enough to make you want to hide under your blanket for the rest of your life! Don’t let the turbulence in the news distract you […]

Financial Preparations for a Disaster

Our hearts go out to the residents of Boston. As they and residents of areas affected by destructive events know, a disaster can bring about not only emotional hardship, but financial hardship, as well. […]

Protecting Yourself from Social (In)Security

We’ve all heard of the classic three-legged retirement income stool: pensions, social security, and personal savings. Unfortunately for many upcoming retirees, that three-legged stool only has one leg. That’s personal savings. In a Social […]

The Ultimate Guide to Paying Off Debt

3 Ways to Avoid Credit Report Errors

2 Ways to Predict if You’ll Hit Your Goals by Saving or Investing

If you’re saving for something right now, wouldn’t it help to know how well you’re doing?  Definitely.  Here are two ways to estimate the future value of your savings.

Saving for College? 3 Ways to Improve Your Chances for Federal Financial Student Aid.

It’s no secret that certain factors may keep your child from getting as much financial aid as possible. As a result, here are three ways you may increase their chances of getting financial aid […]

Risk, Not Volatility, Is the Real Enemy

What would you do if your investments lost 10% in a single day? A) Add more money to my account. B) Hold steady with what I’ve got. C) Yank my money; I wouldn’t be […]

Feeling the Tax Pinch? Gain Perspective Here.

Tax rates for families making more than $450K and individuals making more than $400K have gone up due to the recent fiscal cliff negotiations. While it may feel unfair, effective tax rates still are […]

Fiscal cliff. Still lost? Explained here.

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