Inheritance, disability and illness, insurance analysis, and planning for everything you care for.


Your estate includes everything you own and care for.  This includes your home, real estate, and personal possessions; as well as your family and business.

When you pass on, ensure that you have clear instructions on how to take care of these things in your absence.

Everyone Needs Estate Planning

Estate planning* isn’t just for wealthy families.

Do you own a car?  Are you ill?  Do you have debt?  Or personal things that you love?  If you don’t plan, your state will create a plan for you.  And you may not like it.





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Common Estate Planning Needs

Where appropriate, Price Capital will engage an attorney and/or tax advisor.

1.  Wills & Trusts

2.  Beneficiaries and Other Records & Titles

3.  Guardian & Benefits Arrangements

4.  Income After Disability & Illness

5.  Payment of Legal Fees, Funeral, & Taxes After Death

* Price Capital LLC, its employees and advisors do not provide tax or legal advice. You should consult with a qualified tax or legal specialist for professional advice on your specific situation.


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