Individual financial planning and investment management.


When you venture out on a trip whether it’s to the store or a drive across the country, one of the first things you may do is take out a map to plan your journey. A financial plan plays the same role in your life, and is a map that you may use to guide you towards your long and short term goals.

Core Planning Needs

Kick-Start Plan

Individuals in need of an initial comprehensive financial plan.

Retirement Plan

Pre-retirees seeking a plan to retire, including the exact amount to save each month and which specific investments may give you the return you need.

Living In Retirement

Retirees seeking income from their investments.

Educational Savings

Parents/adults funding higher education for a child.

Debt Management Plan

Individuals wanting to manage and reduce their debt.

Home Buyers' Plan

Individuals seeking a home purchasing savings plan.

Advanced Planning Needs

Estate Plan*

Individuals seeking a multi-generational wealth plan.

Insurance Analysis

Individuals seeking to protect themselves and their assets with insurance.

Life-Changers Plan

Individuals planning for life events including a career change.

Second Opinion

Investors seeking a second opinion on their portfolio (including risk analysis and what-if reports).

Tax Strategies*

Individuals seeking strategies to reduce their federal and state tax liabilities.

Custom Plan

Do you have other planning needs not shown here?  Let’s discuss it, and produce a plan tailored to your needs.

* Price Capital LLC, its employees and advisors do not provide tax or legal advice. You should consult with a qualified tax or legal specialist for professional advice on your specific situation.

Investment Management

At Price Capital, we believe in investing in quality, high performance companies and not speculating on the unknown. It’s an approach that we take seriously–one that has proven itself through market uncertainty.

SMA/UMA Managed Accounts

Managed account program for high net worth clients.

Tax-Advantaged Bonds

$250,000 minimum. Bond-only portfolio with a focus on tax-advantaged income.

Mutual Funds/ETFs

$100,000 minimum. Mutual fund and/or ETF-only portfolio.

Portfolio Strategies

$100,000 minimum. Recommendation may include one to multiple asset classes (stocks, bonds, etc). Investment goal is client-specific, and may include short or long term investing, tax-advantaged investing or hedging.  Where appropriate to your resources, foreign exchange/commodities/et. al. may be recommended.


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