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Use our cutting-edge services to organize your finances, learn about money, and plan.

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  • Basic
  • [span class=”price”]$14.95[/span][span class=”price_affix”]/mo.[/span]
  • 24/7 net worth monitoring,
    account alerts,
    rewards tracking,
    timely workshops, budgeting, exclusive investment and economic insights, and videos.
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  • Retainer
  • [span class=”price”]$59.95[/span][span class=”price_affix”]/mo.[/span]
  • Get all of the benefits of the Basic plan, plus custom financial planning, one-on-one meetings,
    and financial team quarterbacking.
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  • Comprehensive
  • [span class=”price”]Tiered[/span][span class=”price_affix”][/span]
  • Transfer $100K or more. Get the benefits of the Retainer plan, plus
    timely investment research,
    ongoing management of your investments,
    daily monitoring of your investments, and performance review meetings.
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[accordion] [accordion_label]Compare Plans[/accordion_label] [accordion_content] All contracts are monthly, and may be canceled at any time. You may upgrade to a higher service plan at any time.
[widgets_on_pages id=3] [/accordion_content] [accordion_label]Comprehensive Plan – Explanation of Tiered Rate[/accordion_label] [accordion_content] Comprehensive plan clients are only charged a “management fee”, which is what you pay for us to manage your portfolio.

The fee is a percentage of your account’s value.  We deduct it from your account at Price Capital only four times a year (e.g., every January, April, July, and October). You can also choose to have it deducted from your bank account, or other account.

The 30-day free trial does not apply to the Comprehensive plan. You’re actually not charged anything until your management fee is due in January, April, July or October. Price Capital begins calculating management fees when your account is transferred, and will prorate your first month.

Tiered fee schedule:

  • FIRST $500,000: Quarterly = .3125%   (Annual = 1.25%)
  • NEXT $500,000:  Quarterly = .2250%   (Annual = .90%)
  • NEXT $1,000,000: Quarterly = .1500%   (Annual = .60%)
  • NEXT $6,000,000: Quarterly = .0875%   (Annual = .35%)
  • Assets Over $8,000,000:  Quarterly = .0500% (Annual = .20%)
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Price Capital uses the clearing services of First Clearing, LLC. First Clearing, LLC is a subsidiary of Wells Fargo, one of the nation’s strongest financial services companies. First Clearing, LLC is an investment resource that gives Price Capital access to industry and company specific research as well as innovative products and services, the latest breakthroughs in technology, and financial planning programs. This partnership allows Price Capital to provide our clients with all of the advantages and resources of a national financial services firm with the personalized and relationship-based service of a local firm.