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Financial Preparations for a Disaster

Our hearts go out to the residents of Boston. As they and residents of areas affected by destructive events know, a disaster can bring about not only emotional hardship, but financial hardship, as well. […]

Fiscal cliff. Still lost? Explained here.

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Retiree Portfolio Checklist

I recently completed Q2 2011 performance reviews with my clients. While strategies shouldn’t change drastically from quarter to quarter, it’s important to continuously check in to ensure that investments are still aligned with each […]

The Cons and Cons of a Self-Directed 401K

The “self-directed 401K buzz” is building once again. This time, in response to a dismal market and high 401K fees. Traditionally, 401K’s offer a limited selection of mutual funds and other investments and not […]

Beware of Commodity ETFs

ETFs are often considered the Jazz song of investments.  Everyone says that they like them, but the masses don’t yet feel comfortable enough to with them to partake in them regularly. The benefits of […]

Dissecting Bernanke’s June 22nd News Conference

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke held a news conference on June 22nd shortly after 2 pm, following the Fed’s policy meeting. As usual, the market vividly showed it’s opinion of Mr. Bernanke’s comments: Oh […]

Summer Reading List 2011

J.P. Morgan has been curating a summer reading list for the past two decades.  It’s usually an eclectic mix of business books, books based in countries where their clients may be invested, books about […]

Consumer vs. Business Confidence

Confidence data is used as an indicator to predict future commerce.  For example, if you’re confident that your personal financial situation will improve tomorrow you may feel encouraged to spend today. In the confidence […]

Bond Traders: Still the Wizards of Oz?

In the morning–primarily during an election season–I’ll watch Morning Joe. It’s a morning show structured as a series of discussions with a list of guests during the course of 3 hours. You often feel […]

You’re Over 30…Now What?

Prospective clients in their 30’s often approach me with the same question:  what should I be doing? It’s almost instinctual that we replace “want to” with “should be” during this decade.  With our 40’s […]