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Retiree Portfolio Checklist

I recently completed Q2 2011 performance reviews with my clients. While strategies shouldn’t change drastically from quarter to quarter, it’s important to continuously check in to ensure that investments are still aligned with each […]

Wealth Transfer Techniques

Given how each president more often than not tweaks the country’s tax rules as well of other related policies after entering the White House, it’s a good idea to revisit certain techniques in order […]

You’re Over 30…Now What?

Prospective clients in their 30’s often approach me with the same question:  what should I be doing? It’s almost instinctual that we replace “want to” with “should be” during this decade.  With our 40’s […]

A Unique Technique for Staying Wealthy

What do Oprah, Warren Buffett, and Steve Jobs have in common? Besides being three people with whom I’d personally love to have a Moscow Mule, all three are obviously wealthy.  However, ask anyone who […]

2011 Tax Law Changes That May Impact Gift and Estate Plans

With all of the activity that occurs in Washington and considering that it’s primarily the sensational news that bubbles up to the top of the fold, it’s often easy to miss news about subtle […]