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Revisit Your Life Insurance Coverage Before You Retire

Given the state of the economy and the threat of Medicare and Social Security cuts, “retirement” has unfortunately become the new dreaded dirty word in households. While plans to cut expenses are being discussed […]

Wealth Transfer Techniques

Given how each president more often than not tweaks the country’s tax rules as well of other related policies after entering the White House, it’s a good idea to revisit certain techniques in order […]

Your Home Fire Safety Financial Checklist

Country star Trace Adkins and his family just endured a devastating home fire.  What thankfully saved them was having a home fire safety plan.  It involved determining a meeting place ahead of time to […]

You’re Over 30…Now What?

Prospective clients in their 30’s often approach me with the same question:  what should I be doing? It’s almost instinctual that we replace “want to” with “should be” during this decade.  With our 40’s […]

Guarantee Yourself Enough Savings to Retire

After 30 to 40 years of saving for retirement, can you guarantee your 70-year old self that you’ll have saved enough to retire? I’ve talked before on my personal blog “The Wall Street Geek” […]

Ready to Apply for Medicare? Watch This Story.

If you’re over the age of sixty-five, you may be in the coveted position to retire and separate from an employer. In separating from an employer, however, you may lose key benefits that you […]

Exchange Your Mattress for Asset Protection

Have you heard the story about the person who had a big windfall of new wealth one day, and the next day received enough court documents to paper the wall of his or her […]