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Have You Gone Global on Twitter Yet?

One of the best things about Twitter is being able to connect with individuals in other countries. Yet despite Twitter and other social media platforms connecting us in unprecidented ways, some say the world […]

5 Things Ronald McDonald Can Teach Us About Job Security

Of all of the people we would never expect to lose his or her job, Ronald McDonald recently had his job threatened when the healthcare industry raised serious concerns over having him as the […]

Is Sarah Palin Good for the Economy?

It’s fun to watch Sarah Palin.  From her ability to get the media to chase her bus tour like a gaggle of puppies to her soliloquies that aren’t quite right at times but nonetheless […]

The Real Top Five Signs That You’re Wealthy

US economic numbers since 2008 have been vividly reflecting the very tough situation that many people must now face with their livelihoods.  Yet within this  often bleak news, you may find your own proverbial […]

The Brains Behind US Economic Growth [Graph]

In a previous post, I wrote that the real forces behind adding fuel to the US economic growth engine may be the brains of the American people.  This may enable the US to discover […]

The Brains Behind US Economic Growth

We’ve experienced mixed emotions in the markets lately, resulting in little movement in either direction.  Lighter summer trading is partly to blame.  Although summer’s not even here yet, it’s really been a long and […]

A Unique Technique for Staying Wealthy

What do Oprah, Warren Buffett, and Steve Jobs have in common? Besides being three people with whom I’d personally love to have a Moscow Mule, all three are obviously wealthy.  However, ask anyone who […]