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Are Actively Managed Funds Worth the Expense Ratio?

Investment management fees have always been a hot topic – in particular, fees that aren’t explicit.  A fund’s management fee—e.g., its “expense ratio”—falls in that category.  This fee reflects the cost of running a […]

QE 3 and Money Moves in a Low Interest Rate Environment

The Federal Reserve put a third round of quantitative easing in place on September 13th. The Fed pledged to buy $40B of mortgage-backed securities each month until the unemployment rate falls below 7%. Analysts […]

Top 5 401K Service Provider Hidden Tricks

Running a 401K plan at times may feel like being a parent watching five 2-year-old children while attempting to cook a meal. Unfortunately since we’re not gifted to be able to focus on several […]

Retiree Portfolio Checklist

I recently completed Q2 2011 performance reviews with my clients. While strategies shouldn’t change drastically from quarter to quarter, it’s important to continuously check in to ensure that investments are still aligned with each […]

The Cons and Cons of a Self-Directed 401K

The “self-directed 401K buzz” is building once again. This time, in response to a dismal market and high 401K fees. Traditionally, 401K’s offer a limited selection of mutual funds and other investments and not […]

Revisit Your Life Insurance Coverage Before You Retire

Given the state of the economy and the threat of Medicare and Social Security cuts, “retirement” has unfortunately become the new dreaded dirty word in households. While plans to cut expenses are being discussed […]

Wealth Transfer Techniques

Given how each president more often than not tweaks the country’s tax rules as well of other related policies after entering the White House, it’s a good idea to revisit certain techniques in order […]

Baby Boomers May Be the New Winners

Baby Boomers have nine lives. As teenagers, they benefited from profound yet positive social change in the 60’s and 70’s. As young adults, they profited during the “Greed is Good” era of the 80’s. […]

Risk or Return…or Both?

Imagine for a moment you were presented with the opportunity to swim across the Hudson River in a contest for $1M.  The unique aspect of this content is that as long as you crossed […]

How New Yorkers are Creating Wealth

Startups are popping up in New York like whack-a-mole.  Whether it’s a technology startup or hedge fund startup, individuals in the Big Apple are manifesting their independence in an Eastern startup surge. It’s no […]