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Main Street Money Trail Shows Caution and Rocky Timing

According to Lipper, stock mutual fund net inflows by individual investors in 2012 increased in October in comparison to September: June to July also showed increased net inflows into stock mutual funds. In both […]

5 Tips to Save Money This Holiday Season

SUEAGJF7TDMV Black Friday and Cyber Monday looked the recession beast in the eye and laughed this year. Online Black Friday sales alone jumped 26% over 2011 to over $1B. Nevertheless, there’s still shopping to […]

Market Got You Down? The Silver Lining: Stocks Still Reign Over Cash

Most economists agree that 2000 marked the beginning of a secular bear market. Secular markets describe 10-20 year spans of new market highs (secular bull markets) or market declines of at least 40% (secular […]

Improve Your FAFSA Aid Chances

It’s that time of year when you and your child may be looking forward to college next fall.  You may also need to seek financial aid to help pay for it.  This process usually […]

Retiree Portfolio Checklist

I recently completed Q2 2011 performance reviews with my clients. While strategies shouldn’t change drastically from quarter to quarter, it’s important to continuously check in to ensure that investments are still aligned with each […]

Is Your Advisor a Trader or Investor?

Recently, I went to lunch with a colleague and friend who is also a hedge fund manager and well known in the hedge fund community. He was noticeably more irritable than when I last […]

The Cons and Cons of a Self-Directed 401K

The “self-directed 401K buzz” is building once again. This time, in response to a dismal market and high 401K fees. Traditionally, 401K’s offer a limited selection of mutual funds and other investments and not […]

Beware of Commodity ETFs

ETFs are often considered the Jazz song of investments.  Everyone says that they like them, but the masses don’t yet feel comfortable enough to with them to partake in them regularly. The benefits of […]

Are Venture Capitalists Being Bootstrapped into Oblivion?

I would venture to say that many venture capitalists actually enjoy being bootstrapped. But a popular BusinessWeek article discusses the contrary. Today’s startups can build critical infrastructure with less capital than before with the […]

Dissecting Bernanke’s June 22nd News Conference

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke held a news conference on June 22nd shortly after 2 pm, following the Fed’s policy meeting. As usual, the market vividly showed it’s opinion of Mr. Bernanke’s comments: Oh […]