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Protecting Yourself from Social (In)Security

We’ve all heard of the classic three-legged retirement income stool: pensions, social security, and personal savings. Unfortunately for many upcoming retirees, that three-legged stool only has one leg. That’s personal savings. In a Social […]

5 Tips to Save Money This Holiday Season

SUEAGJF7TDMV Black Friday and Cyber Monday looked the recession beast in the eye and laughed this year. Online Black Friday sales alone jumped 26% over 2011 to over $1B. Nevertheless, there’s still shopping to […]

Market Got You Down? The Silver Lining: Stocks Still Reign Over Cash

Most economists agree that 2000 marked the beginning of a secular bear market. Secular markets describe 10-20 year spans of new market highs (secular bull markets) or market declines of at least 40% (secular […]

Don’t Call it a (Financial) Comeback

The New York Times created an interactive calculator to determine the length of time it may take for your portfolio to recover. Given the sideways movement of the market, it may feel as if […]

Retiree Portfolio Checklist

I recently completed Q2 2011 performance reviews with my clients. While strategies shouldn’t change drastically from quarter to quarter, it’s important to continuously check in to ensure that investments are still aligned with each […]

Revisit Your Life Insurance Coverage Before You Retire

Given the state of the economy and the threat of Medicare and Social Security cuts, “retirement” has unfortunately become the new dreaded dirty word in households. While plans to cut expenses are being discussed […]

Wealth Transfer Techniques

Given how each president more often than not tweaks the country’s tax rules as well of other related policies after entering the White House, it’s a good idea to revisit certain techniques in order […]

Baby Boomers May Be the New Winners

Baby Boomers have nine lives. As teenagers, they benefited from profound yet positive social change in the 60’s and 70’s. As young adults, they profited during the “Greed is Good” era of the 80’s. […]

Risk or Return…or Both?

Imagine for a moment you were presented with the opportunity to swim across the Hudson River in a contest for $1M.  The unique aspect of this content is that as long as you crossed […]

When the Crowd Yells For Defense, What Would You Do?

The Oklahoma City Thunder recently lost a 15-point lead in Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals. What made this newsworthy was the fact that the Thunder’s 15-point lead was wiped out in five […]