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Feeling the Tax Pinch? Gain Perspective Here.

Tax rates for families making more than $450K and individuals making more than $400K have gone up due to the recent fiscal cliff negotiations. While it may feel unfair, effective tax rates still are […]

Fiscal cliff. Still lost? Explained here.

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What Will Your 2013 Tax Rate Be?

The 2012 election day for President and various state and local representatives is finally just around the corner. The Republican and Democratic parties dominate the ballots and today’s policy discussions. Each party offers vastly […]

QE 3 and Money Moves in a Low Interest Rate Environment

The Federal Reserve put a third round of quantitative easing in place on September 13th. The Fed pledged to buy $40B of mortgage-backed securities each month until the unemployment rate falls below 7%. Analysts […]

The Cons and Cons of a Self-Directed 401K

The “self-directed 401K buzz” is building once again. This time, in response to a dismal market and high 401K fees. Traditionally, 401K’s offer a limited selection of mutual funds and other investments and not […]

Dissecting Bernanke’s June 22nd News Conference

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke held a news conference on June 22nd shortly after 2 pm, following the Fed’s policy meeting. As usual, the market vividly showed it’s opinion of Mr. Bernanke’s comments: Oh […]

Is Sarah Palin Good for the Economy?

It’s fun to watch Sarah Palin.  From her ability to get the media to chase her bus tour like a gaggle of puppies to her soliloquies that aren’t quite right at times but nonetheless […]

The Brains Behind US Economic Growth [Graph]

In a previous post, I wrote that the real forces behind adding fuel to the US economic growth engine may be the brains of the American people.  This may enable the US to discover […]

The Brains Behind US Economic Growth

We’ve experienced mixed emotions in the markets lately, resulting in little movement in either direction.  Lighter summer trading is partly to blame.  Although summer’s not even here yet, it’s really been a long and […]

Which One of These Things is Too Big To Fail?

If you had money invested during the financial crisis that began in 2007, you may still be recovering from the bungee jump you may have experienced in the global financial markets largely brought about […]